Larry Mullen, Jr. Quietly Deletes New U2 Album from iTunes Library

Larry Mullen, Jr. Deletes New U2 Album from iTunes Library

Father Would Give Left Testicle to Not Have to Watch ‘Frozen’ Again

Band said the offer began as a joke, but is now real and firm, and will be on the table for 48 hours.

Sociopath Great CEO

“When you don’t feel any guilt or responsibility for the well-being of other people, you can do amazing things.”

Report: Boys Will Be Boys, Then Become Men Who Hit Women in the Face

The report is part of a larger study which tracked the behavior of hundreds of American males from the time they were toddlers up through full-grown adulthood.

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Rep. Darrell Issa of California.

Issa to Investigate Whether Obama Used Wrong Fork with Salad

“Someone needs to get to the bottom of what happened with this fork,” Issa said.

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Jack Armansky, the newly appointed head of the Federal Pharmaceutical Compliance Commission.

New Head of Regulatory Agency Already Lining Up Jobs with Companies He’s Supposed to be Regulating

“I’m trying to see where the best opportunities are, after I leave my post here.”

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IPCC Panel

U.N. Climate Panel: ‘Just Assume You’re All Melting’

“The best way to keep clear on how serious the climate change situation is, is to imagine parts of yourself already liquified.”

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John McCain

Phrase ‘Benghazi Smoking Gun’ Gives John McCain Erection

The phrase is also said to make Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina “weak in the knees.”

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GM Unveils New Slogan: Safety Comes Somewhere Relatively Close to First

“We can’t honestly say, ‘Safety is our number one concern,’ because it clearly isn’t,” Barra said.

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